HR Standards

HR Management Standards

Standard 6.3
Critical positions in the organization are identified and succession plans are established.

Standard Details Implementation Considerations

The organization has processes in place to address succession in the event that individuals in identified positions leave or move into other positions in the organization.

Whenever size and resources permit, a succession plan will involve nurturing and developing talent from within the organization.
Employees and/or volunteers who have the skills, knowledge, experience and the desire are identified and supported as part of succession planning activities.

Information which profiles current staff and/or volunteers such as age/projected retirement; positions held in the organization; skills acquired; etc. allows the organization to look at employees in the organization who can contribute to determining in other positions to the organization.

Learning and development opportunities should be reviewed to ensure there is a connection to developing staff to assume other positions in the organization. 

Refer to Standard 3.3

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Information on succession planning information is available in the HR Toolkit.

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