HR Standards

HR Management Standards

Standard 6.1
The organization has a process for regularly reviewing staffing needs.

Standard Details Implementation Considerations

The organization engages in planning at least annually or has a system to identify organizational goals and/or directions, trends/changes in social and economic conditions, general labour market conditions, legislative, and/or technology developments which impact on recruiting and retaining talent.

The ultimate goal of this standard is to be proactive in planning for current and future staffing needs of the organization. This is complete when key positions are identified and succession plans have been created.

Plans for staffing can be addressed through various documents generated by the organization such as:

  • Annual budget
  • Strategic plan
  • Funding proposals

Each organization has a unique planning cycle; HR needs should be reviewed in conjunction with other planning activities.

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Information on HR Planning, including strategic HR planning, operational HR planning and risk management is available in the HR Toolkit.


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