HR Standards

HR Management Standards

Standard 3.3
All employees have a work plan and performance objectives that identify the tasks/activities and expected results for future performance.

Standard Details Implementation Considerations

The work plan or performance objectives (usually annual) reflect the organization’s strategic direction, business plans, and/or annual plans.

The work plan/performance objectives are written documents jointly prepared by the employee and their supervisor.

Creating work plans/performance objectives is a joint responsibility of both the employee and his/her supervisor. Supervisors have final approval to ensure work plans/performance objectives are integrated across the organization and support the overall goals of the organization.

Work plans/performance objectives can include individual development activities that support the organization’s goals.

The supervisor needs to ensure that the work plan is achievable given the time assigned to the position and the skills of the individual.

Links to Resources

Information on strategic and operational HR planning, succession planning and risk management is available in the HR Toolkit.

The following templates are available in the HR Toolkit:
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  • Work Plan Template 2

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