Developing Labour Market Information for the Nonprofit Sector - Phase 2


“Armed with a robust understanding of the unique nature of its labour force, the Canadian nonprofit sector will be better equipped to attract and retain skilled workers, cope with changing demographics, build a healthy and inclusive labour force, provide relevant training and learning opportunities, promote the value of paid work within nonprofit organizations, and compete for talent with other sectors.”(1)

Building on our work to date, the HR Council is continuing to improve Labour Market Information (LMI) for the nonprofit sector.

We have several initiatives underway in 2012-2013:

  • An Expert Panel is working on modeling nonprofit labour supply and demand.

    The Expert Panel’s efforts will produce, in early 2013, a basic model to assist broadly-based human resource planning for the sector. This will help the sector meet emerging recruitment, retention and employee development needs.

    The basic model will come with ideas and guidance about how to adapt it to for a closer look at particular segments of the sector. For example, one might want to get a picture of the labour force in a province or a metropolitan area, or focus on a particular sphere of activity, such as family services or community museums.

  • We are convening a Compensation Data Working Group

    We could call this the “More, more, more… and more” Working Group. Their goal is to find ways to make more compensation data more accessible to more of the sector and encourage nonprofits to make more good use of it.

  • We are exploring the potential benefits a national LMI Working Group could bring to the sector.

    Discussions with sector leaders and government officials who are working on sector labour force initiatives in several provinces will lead to recommendations.

• And throughout the coming year, a stream of new LMI products will keep you informed and keep you thinking.


Labour Market Information for the nonprofit sector: An investment in the future

"The good news is that a solid foundation of LMI already exists in Canada. By building on this, through investing in more sector-specific LMI, Canadian nonprofits will be able to plan more strategically, manage more proactively, and inject the kind of sustained energy into the sector necessary for its continued growth and vitality." p.3.

Developing Labour Market Information for the nonprofit sector

"Nonprofits require good labour market information in order to determine skill and education requirements for positions in the sector; identify and attract potential workers; fill job vacancies; and plan for the future." p.i.

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1. HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector. Labour Market Information for the nonprofit sector: An investment in the future, 2011. p. 3.