Building Cohesion in Labour Force Strategies

Communication between key stakeholders in the nonprofit sector is too intermittent to provide many long-term benefits; the sector would benefit from an ongoing forum for convening partners from across the country to discuss labour force initiatives. To that end, in order to more effectively identify and address nonprofit labour force issues, organizations must work in collaboration to create and share Labour Market Information (LMI). This kind of information provides employers with an evidence-based understanding of the nonprofit sector and its HR needs.

There is also potential for the nonprofit sector to enhance its ability to exchange this information and intelligence while providing support in the development of location-based strategies, however few formal structures exist to facilitate this exchange.

Our response

In response to these needs, this HR Council project addressed concerns expressed by the sector through an in-person forum on labour force initiatives with partners from across the country. This set the course for collaborative action on the development of labour force strategies while providing the opportunity to monitor trends, identify common issues and address labour force challenges within the sector.

The provinces of Saskatchewan, Ontario and Nova Scotia were identified as benefitting from the HR Council in the development of their respective nonprofit labour force initiatives. Stakeholders from these provinces were provided with assistance as part of the project.

Additionally, the project:

  • Developed case studies of sub-sectoral workforce strategies that can be used to identify success factors and common patterns to assist others with their own strategies
  • Created an online information portal on for and about provincial labour force initiatives that provides information about initiatives across Canada

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