Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information (LMI) describes all kinds of information used to make labour market decisions. LMI can be a compilation of detailed statistical data on jobs and salaries, employers and employees, sectors, current employment conditions and future trends. It may also include other kinds of information that inform labour market decisions, such as emerging technologies, the workplace environment, working conditions and the cost of living.

LMI 101 »

  • Key concepts
  • Putting LMI to work in strategic HR planning
  • Putting LMI to work in HR management

About the Nonprofit Labour Force »

  • Statistics
  • A national study of nonprofit executive leaders (2012)
  • HR Council’s surveys of nonprofit employers and employees (2008)

and more...

About Compensation »

  • Statistics and research
  • Putting compensation data to work

Improving LMI for the Nonprofit Sector »

  • Research, dialogue and strategy

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A searchable collection of LMI documents that provide information on:

  • What LMI is and how it can be used
  • Characteristics of the sector’s labour force
  • Trends and issues affecting the labour force