Tapping into Talent

The need for a better understanding of the characteristics and motivating factors of both early and late career employees is inspired by concerns about the aging workforce and the ability of the nonprofit sector to recruit and retain workers.

early career

Growing Younger
A portrait of younger workers and their priorities. Presenting recommendations for how nonprofits and the sector at large can attract young talent.

early career Why Nonprofit?
This report presents key findings from focus groups with university students exploring their knowledge and awareness of jobs and careers in the nonprofit sector; their perceptions and expectations of job satisfaction in the nonprofit sector; and positive and negative factors that would influence a decision to work in the sector.
Boomer Bridging Boomer Bridging
Provides an overview of research findings, based upon a literature review and a survey of 5,300 public and private sector employees, to support recruitment efforts of baby boomers from the public and private sectors. The research findings will inform nonprofit networks and umbrella organizations to establish labour force development strategies that take into account late career and post-retirement workers from other sectors.
Boomer Bridging Boomer Boon
Presents findings from complementary research that explored the hypothesis that high skills baby boomers represent a potential supply of labour, both paid and unpaid, for the nonprofit sector. This project included convening a group of key informants with the goal of crafting and validating a set of recommendations for all parties with a stake in the development of a successful labour force strategy for the nonprofit sector.

Video series: employees share their insights on working and building a career in the nonprofit sector.

The art of performance management, nonprofit style

In April 2010 HR Council website users completed a survey asking what ‘hot-button’ human resource issues they would like us to research. The results of this survey identified trends in performance management as a priority topic. Through talking with leaders in the sector and profiling key organizations from across the country, here is what our peers had to say.

Job satisfaction and employee retention: What’s the connection?

Findings from the HR Council’s 2008 survey of nonprofit sector employees suggest some connections between job satisfaction and employee retention. These findings shed light on retention challenges and strategies and offer some clues about when retention might be a challenge and what it could take to make sure more employees are more satisfied with their jobs.

Professional development in the nonprofit sector - What’s the demand?

Professional development in the nonprofit sector is a vital tool for strengthening organizational effect­iveness in the face of continuous change. It stands against a backdrop in which community needs are many, resources are few and both funding and policy parameters are continuously in flux.