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Archives March 2012

Reviewing funding options

March 5, 2012

At meetings held in the fall of 2011, the HR Council began a process to determine its future in light of the government’s announcement that the Sector Council Program will no longer be in place after March 2013.  The board and staff recently reviewed the preliminary business plan that resulted from that process.  The plan favours continued engagement in labour market information (LMI) projects and making expert HR information and tools available to the sector. It also sets out guidelines for entrepreneurial activities to support operations.

In reviewing its options, the board has taken care to exercise its fiduciary responsibilities and demonstrate its determination to safeguard the gains made by the HR Council on behalf of the sector since 2005. 
Nevertheless, the way forward is uncertain and the HR Council is looking to the sector for support.  Despite the ongoing search for project funding and initial steps to become more entrepreneurial, securing transitional funding over the next few years will be paramount to the HR Council’s continuity.
The board and staff know that all of the HR Council’s friends and supporters recognize the urgency of this matter.  Encouraging feedback from stakeholders continues to pour in and further letters of support and testimonials are most welcome.  The next few months are absolutely critical and will set the course for the future.  A plan is being set in motion to bring a number of partners and funders together to explore ideas and options for support.  
There is “big picture” work for the HR Council to do in building knowledge about the sector and its labour force, and value in the pan-Canadian approach it can provide.
Developments will be updated on this website as they become available.  Thank you for your ongoing support.