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Putting Community Service-Learning into action

The Canadian Alliance for Community Service-Learning, the HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector, Memorial University, University of Victoria, and Carleton University are collaborating to present a series of four free webinars designed to help you connect your CSL experience to your career. Attend these webinars to learn how you can:

  • Create your career future
  • Define your career goals
  • Find meaningful and satisfying work

Each of the webinars covers a specific topic and features expert speakers who share practical tips, information and advice.

Webinar Topics

Making the connections: You, Community Service Learning, and Career Development

Original session date: February 3, 2011

Every person has unique combinations of knowledge, interests, gifts, and skills. Perhaps your CSL experience has helped you recognize some of yours! Join Dr. Janet Sheppard from the University of Victoria to explore your unique career motivators, your CSL experience, and discover how that knowledge will help you identify essential career connections.

Watch a recording of this webinar (runs approximately 1 hour)

Download presentation slides (PDF)

Download "What are your career motivators?" Guide (PDF)

Download "Kick start your career through reflection" Guide (PDF)

Using CSL experience to define career directions: Contextualizing your university learning

Original session date: February 10, 2011

Many people have a hard time making the connection between their community service-learning experiences and their degree program. It's even more difficult to make the bridge between your education and a career that suits your skills and abilities. Join Kim Kelly, a BSW Student Services Coordinator from Memorial University, to clearly define your transferable and work-specific skills and from there identify relevant career opportunities.

Watch a recording of this webinar (runs approximately 1 hour)

Download presentation slides (PDF)

Download Career & Life Skills List (PDF)

Download Career Skills & Tasks List (PDF)

A career in the nonprofit sector

Original session date: February 17, 2011

Did you know that Canada's nonprofit sector employs more than 1.2 million people? That it contributes more than 7% of Canada's GDP? That's more than the mining, tourism and construction industries, combined. The nonprofit sector is uniquely positioned to offer a range of careers that are dynamic, engaging and rewarding. Whether in the fields of art, culture, education, the environment, health care, social development or sport, there are countless career paths for people who share the sector's common vision: to make a difference.

In this session, Lee Rose, the HR Council's Communications Manager, shares insights, ideas and information, (in addition to dispelling a few myths) about building a career in the nonprofit sector.

Watch a recording of this webinar (runs approximately 1 hour)

Download presentation slides (PDF)

Access more information on working in nonprofits

Incorporating CSL experience into a job search plan

Thursday, February 24 from 1 to 2 pm (EST)

Looking for a summer job or your first post degree position? In this session, Geri Briggs, Director, Canadian Alliance for Community Service-Learning, will share tips on incorporating your CSL experience into identifying potential work, creating job search tools such as resumes, developing your job search network, and preparing for interviews.

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This webinar series are presented using Adobe Connect Pro, a web-based platform that works well with a range of browsers (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox) and operating systems (Windows, Mac OS-X, Linux).

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